Helping you to get control

Plan your air conditioning system for maximum results

Installed Unit

At Lindon Heating and Cooling we recommend when installing an air conditioning system in an industrial or commercial building, it is a good idea to plan the system beforehand. Our expert team will always provide you with the best advice and help possible on where to put each unit, so you get the best results from your new system.


Regular servicing will keep your system blowing


We know some times other tings get in the way with business that’s why we recommended regular services as keeping your system running at its best is the most important thing to your business as it saves you time, money and keeps you and your employees comfortable.


We offer regular servicing and maintenance of all our systems, as well as those installed by other companies. We would be happy to help you on any queries you may have on servicing or maintaining any system you have installed or any new installation you may be considering.


We are able to offer a wide range of air conditioning units, just a few styles of air conditioning units we can offer:

Wall Mounted Units

Floor Mounted Units

Ceiling Mounted Units


Ducted Systems